Company Profile: GPN Netherlands


Verrijn Stuartweg 52
Noord Holland

Contact Information:

Phone: 0031-20-6952511
Fax: 0031-206951740
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SLS has 5 locations, three in the Netherlands and one in Poland

(1) SLS Travel Solution
Morsweg 9
7461 AG Rijssen
Tel.  0548-512300
Fax. 0548-520435
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(2) Oostenrijk Touringcars
Verrijn Stuartweg 52
1112 AX Diemen
Tel.  020-6952511
Fax. 020-6951740
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(3) Maaskant Reizen
Mr. Van Coothstraat 14
5397 AR Lith
Tel.  +31-412-482828
Fax. +31-412-4822068
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(4) Havi Tavel
Morsweg 9

7461 AG Rijssen
Tel.  +31-548-512300
Fax. +31-548-520435
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(5) Havi Travel
Straszków 121
62-604  Koscielec
Fax. +31-548-520435

Gateway Cities:



Airport Transfers
Athletic Events
Team Travel
Charter Coach Services
Corporate Cruise
Travel Agency
Group Tours Planning
Scheduled Tours
Casino Services
Scheduled Contract Services
Meet & Greet Services
School Student Services



SLS Travel  Solutions , Our History

Three travel companies, namely, Oostenrijk Touringcars (1922), Maaskant Reizen (1923) and Havi Travel (1924), established SLS Travel Solution (SLS) in the autumn of 2006. The three shareholders of SLS, besides being coach-touring entrepreneurs, are also travel businesses and geographically spread throughout The Netherlands. After many years of experience in the travel industry and passenger transport, all three companies are an integral part of the national and international travel industry.
Within the framework of a European public contract for defence transports, for which national coverage was a requirement, the three companies decided to establish SLS as they had been working together for many years. In addition, it was a strategic decision to work together more closely, keeping the future in mind, as to ensure expansion, which brought many advantages for all three parties. Finally, as a member of GPN (Global Passenger Network), which is a part and a trade name of SLS, lead to the foundation of SLS.


SLS Travel Solution has been established primarily to focus on:

European Contracts
By this, we mean national transport projects by large public enterprises and institutions in the private and commercial sector.
Public transport concessions
SLS is of the opinion that, due to the ever-growing concession areas, the investments and complexity of public transport will also increase. Due to this, it is difficult for the public transport companies to maintain a flexible and high quality service, and therefore these companies will rely more on companies from the private bus transport sector in the future.
National and international travel industry 
Having had many years of experience within the travel industry and passenger transport, the company also aims itself towards large transport projects for the incoming and outgoing travel industry. We think of ourselves as being in control of transport, hotel accommodation and restaurants for tourists at home as well as abroad.  

  • 24-hr service
    We provide you with 24/365 service - one phone number covering Netherlands                                                             Emergency Call: 0031-6-51240731
  • Quality:
    We guarantee quality in service, vehicles, flexible solutions – wherever you have to go, we find the way - from the planning to the post-service phase. We provide the right vehicle and the right driver to fit your group’s size and expectations. Our team helps you plan your personalized transportation schedule, whether you need an airport transfer, a day tour, or complex transportation for a large conference or congress. Multi-lingual drivers and guides will be there to help you with all your needs.
  • Safety:
    Safety and modern technology are the very essence of modern coach travel. Highest technical standards and regular inspections make our tour coaches the safest of all forms of transport. Our coach drivers are required by law to pass a medical examination and to pass strict theoretical and practical driving tests.
  • Environment:
    Environmental protection is always in consideration – low emission levels mean that coach travel is the only real ecological alternative to other modes of transport. All our coaches are equipped with Euro 4 or 5 motors.
  • Maintenance:
    Regular and permanent inspections in our own authorized garage guarantee a maximum of safety.
  • Driver’s training:
    Our drivers are given regular periodical driver training courses to update their skills and to meet the requirements of the law.
  • Certifications and awards:

 Our fleet in brief

The Three companies have a combined fleet of 110 coaches which are equipped with most modern techniques for the guests' safety and for environmental protection. SLS Travel Solutions provides different sizes from cars, minivans, 16-, 19-, 30-, 44-, 49-, 54-, 60-, 62-, 75-, 85- till 90-seaters

Coach Amenities

We offer a wide selection of vehicles: touring coaches, minivans, VIP coaches, and limousine service. Our coaches are equipped with features from DVD, TV, fridge, tables, microphone, toilet, air condition, seat belts, leather seats, kitchen, luggage trailer, and more. The SLS Fleet consist of approximately 110 vehicles in Netherlands

Company’s other activities

  • Outgoing tour operators
  • Incoming tour operators (DMC)
  • Excursion Company
  • Hop on Hop Off activities
  • Distributor of CMS Benelux (MB Sprinter Busses up to 22 seat)

Working areas

1)   The Netherlands
SLS Travel Solution has a nationally covered working are. The three shareholders, because of their location, already cover most of the area within the Netherlands. The area outside of their coverage are served through partnerships or when desired, through new locations. Areas not directly covered by us are served through thoroughly pre selected partners with a quality mark (ref attachment 1)
2)   Europe & World
All countries within reach of our own fleet in Europe.
With our partner at GPN (Global Passenger Network):
Cyprus, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Canada, India, Spain. Austria, Egypt, Czech Republic, Israel, Greece, Egypt, Norway


Starting from autumn 2006:

World Avenues, London, UK (Year 2006)
25 x Europe Tours
Long distance transport of tourists from India through Europe.
European Experience (23 days)
Grand Europe (25 days)
Jewels of Europe (18 days)
Let’s go Europe (13 days)
European Discovery (14 days)

Global Passenger Network (GPN Netherlands) (Year 2006)
Formed July 2006.
GPN Netherlands :
GPN Global :
The Global Passenger Network is an organization of quality national motor coach networks and nationally recognized quality companies, promoting the use of motor coach and passenger transportation services in major markets throughout the world. Furthermore, the Global Passenger Network strives to be the leading international organization in the area of surface transportation.
SLS Travel Solution is the GPN representative in the Netherlands
GPN The Netherlands is one of the board members in the GPN Global Network

COA (Centraal Orgaan opvang asielzoekers) (Year 2007)
European invitation to tender
National passenger transport of the European invitation to tender transportation of passengers and students for the Asylum Seekers Reception Services (Dutch: COA, Centraal Orgaan opvang Asielzoekers).
The operation of the COA is the responsibility of the government. The COA organizes and realizes the first reception of asylum seekers in The Netherlands. The asylum seekers are accommodated in one of the 50-60 centres of the COA, until the Immigration and Naturalisation Service decides, and the judge has ruled over their asylum application. The centres are scattered within The Netherlands. The centres provide the asylum seeker a package of facilities to help them in their first needs.

UEFA Under21 Championship (The Netherlands 2007)
Transportation of all UEFA officials and teams during the tournament which
was held in The Netherlands
Term project  : ± 4 weeks
Period : June 2007
Internet :


There are three Shareholders: 

 1) Oostenrijk Groep BV
     The Netherlands

2) Maaskant Reizen BV,
     Den Bosch, Lith 
     The Netherlands

3)Havi Travel, 
    The Netherlands


As a private operated company, SLS Travel Solution owns one of the largest fleet in The Netherlands.
The fleet is very modern, luxurious and varied. It contains normal cars, mini-coaches, enlarged city coaches, regular city coaches, VIP coaches, double decked coaches, and luxury coaches. In total, the fleet contains 160 vehicles.

De Global Passenger Network (GPN) is een wereldwijd netwerk waarin hoog gekwalificeerde touringcar bedrijven over de hele wereld bij zijn aangesloten. Momenteel wordt het netwerk vertegenwoordigd in 29 verschillende landen. Wanneer u op zoekt met naar personenvervoer dan kunt u contact opnemen met GPN Nederland, Wij kunnen u te woord staan in uw eigen taal en nemen de hele organisatie tot aan de betaling van het vervoer voor u uit handen.

SLS Travel Solution (joint venture tussen Oostenrijk Touringcars, Maaskant Reizen en Havi Travel) zijn de officieel vertegenwoordiger van GPN in Nederland. Door gebruik te maken van onze dienstverlening kunt u in het buitenland rekenen op de dezelfde hoge standaard eisen van service en kwaliteit die u van ons gewend bent in Nederland.  

Het Global Passenger Network stelt hoge compliance-normen aan al haar leden om zo de kwaliteit te waarborgen waardoor verzekerd bent dat uw vervoer in het buitenaldn verzorgd wordt door professionals



MAIL GPN|00 34 635 73 76 83

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